1. A 1/8 Filipina (In a historical, not genetic, sense) is now Spanish Queen
  2. An Argawanon Wasn't in the Titanic, After All: Importance of Other State Records in Genealogy Research
  3. Another Myth: Use of Coats-of-Arms
  4. Argao Families: Lucero Lines and Legacy
  5. Argao Families: The Aballes
  6. Argao Families: The Abears
  7. Argao Families: The Alberts
  8. Argao Families: The Albisos
  9. Argao Families: The Alcazarens
  10. Argao Families: The Almirantes
  11. Argao Families: The Birondos
  12. Argao Families: The Camantigues
  13. Argao Families: The Camineros
  14. Argao Families: The Miñozas
  15. Argao Families: The Mirandas
  16. Argao Families: The Oyangorens
  17. Argao Families: The Parantars
  18. Argao Families: The Sanchezes
  19. Argao Families: The Zamoras
  20. Auspicious Name for an Auspicious Start
  21. Cebuano Families: Loling Bihag and Barili's "Blue Blood
  22. Cebuano Families: The Garcias
  23. Cebuano Families: The Herreras
  24. Cebuano Kinship Terms
  25. Celebrating Lapu-Lapu's Genealogy
  26. Clan or Family: What's the Difference?
  27. Claveria & the Importance of 1845 in Philippine Genealogy
  28. Claveria and the Myth of the Spanish Ancestors
  29. Claveria's Decree and Some Thoughts on Surnames of Nobility
  30. Claveria's Renovacion de Apellidos
  31. Corona's Censure: Clans, Causes, & Cases
  32. Davao Genealogy: Some Firsts During the Founding Days of Davao
  33. Davao's Founding Fathers
  34. Dr. Janette Garin, Dengvaxia, and President Digong Duterte
  35. EDSA and the use of Surnames
  36. Filipino Beauty Pageants: A Family Affair
  37. Finding a Bato in the Mato: Edgar Matobato's Surname Definition
  38. Finding the Padre in Padre Noconocido
  39. From Africa's Adam to Argao: The Genetic History of the Lucero Family
  40. From Pakyaw to Pacquiao: Variants of Manny's Surname
  41. Genealogy 101: Family History Centers
  42. Genealogy 101: Genealogy Programs I Strongly Recommend
  43. Genealogy 101: The Value of Civil Vital Records
  44. Genealogy 101: The Value of Oral History to Genealogists
  45. Genealogy and the Internet: Looking at the Rivera-Kipping Family Tree
  46. Genealogy and the Internet: Looking for Heroes' Descendants
  47. Genealogy and Using the Internet
  48. Genealogy Book Reviews 01: My Bibles of Genealogy
  49. Genealogy Terminologies, Part I
  50. How President Ramos became my Cousin
  51. I Am Southeast Asian, North Slavic, Sardinian, Dravidian, and 10 more Ethnicities...How About You?
  52. Incest, Endogamy, and Issues of Consanguineous Marriages
  53. Lakan Genealogies: The Super-Principalia Houses of Matanda, Lakandula, and Soliman, Part I
  54. Lakan Genealogy: Brunei to Batangas?
  55. Lakan Genealogy: Connection of Sulu and Brunei
  56. Love and Family Names in the Philippines
  57. Luceros and Kintanars: Stories of Love and Kindness
  58. Megan Young: Tracing her Paternal Grandmother's Genealogy
  59. My Chinese Roots
  60. Of Mall Fires, The Gaisano Clan, and the Third Generation Curse
  61. Pacquiao's Surname and the Catalogo
  62. Philip Amarillo: A Masterchef Genealogy
  63. President Duterte and the Genealogy of Power
  64. Presidential Surnames & their Meaning
  65. Principalia Ancestors: Who They Were and What They Did
  66. Psychohistory: A Genealogical Perspective of EDSA
  67. Remembering León Kilat
  68. Remembering the Unhappy Josephine Bracken
  69. Retrospect on the (failed) Davide Impeachment: Tangled Webs of Families & Intrigues
  70. RP Politics: Still a Family Affair
  71. Spanish Rules on Alphabetizing Surnames
  72. Spanish Text of Claveria's Renovacion de Apellidos
  73. St. Pedro Calungsod was from Iloilo
  74. Surname Spotlight: Acuña
  75. Surname Spotlight: ANGCO
  76. Surname Spotlight: GO
  77. Surname Spotlight: Presidential Family Names
  78. Ten Facts About the Catalogo
  79. Teresa de la Paz: Feminine Wiles and Family Trees
  80. The Catalogo and Funny Last Names, Part I
  81. The Davides: A Model Cebuano Family
  82. The Dilemma of Using the Surname De Lima
  83. The DONs and DON'Ts of Tracing Principalia Ancestors
  84. The Fallen 44: A Genealogical Tribute
  85. The First Philippine Aranetas
  86. The Kintanars: Kith and Kin
  87. The Pastor and the President
  88. The Pedro Gotiaoco Family
  89. The Race to Halalan 2016: Presidential Candidates' Family Names and their Meanings
  90. The Race to Halalan 2016: The Genealogy of Grace Poe
  91. The Race to Halalan2016: Leni Gerona Robredo
  92. The Race to Halalan 2016: The Genealogy of Rodrigo Duterte
  93. The Sinulog and the Genealogy of Rajah Humabon
  94. Thicker than Water: The Manglapus - Marcos Nuptials
  95. Top 10 Chinese Family Names in the Philippines
  96. Top 50 Family Names in Cebu City
  97. Tracing Claveria's Genealogy through the Internet
  98. Tracing FPJ's American Ancestry Through Online Sources
  99. Tracing Manny Pacquiao's (and my friend, Domz's) Genealogy
  100. Tracing Rizal's Ancestry through Austin Craig's Book
  101. Tracing the Ancestry of a Pope, Pastors, and Priests
  102. Uson, A Unique and Tough Name
  103. Vicente A. Kintanar, Jr.: A Life of Achievement
  104. Weddings and Widows
  105. What Genealogy Really Should Be
  106. Where to Start: Family Names
  107. Where to Start: Genealogical or Family Societies
  108. Where to Start: Your Pedigree Chart
  109. Why History is on Agnes A. Magpale's Side
  110. Why the Spaniards Were Better Record-Keepers